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Powerlifting programs made for you.


At Bridge City Barbell we customize and work alongside you so you get the most out of your powerlifting program. See the programs we have to offer below and pick the best for you.

Coaching & Programming: $150.00 / Monthly Subscription

This service includes everything we can apply to make the athlete achieve their goals. We customize programming for the athlete in detail, planning well in advance. We review lifting footage for technical adjustments on a weekly basis, adding mobility and warm up work as needed to keep the athlete healthy and progressing. We create a fully custom, individualized training program, based on goals, training experience, lifestyle, past and current injuries, and gym equipment available.


  • Use our new Training App, for iOS and Android.
  • Performance assessments to gauge progress
  • Technical assessments (Video analysis OR in person) for the Back Squat, Bench Press & Deadlift
  • Weekly check-in email.
  • Unlimited 24/7 messaging communication (Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Texting)
  • Weight cutting & water loading protocol implementation (For weight class restricted Competition)
  • Competition strategy & game day coaching

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How It Works:

One Subscription, Unlimited Access

*Our app is powered by MyStrengthBook. Once you subscribe to our service we will send you an email with a unique code to use when signing into the app for the first time*

1. Browse Programs

Browse through the storefront of programs, click to view details and choose to subscribe

2. Join the Team

Subscribing gives access to ALL programs, current and newly added

3. Payment Setup

Enter your payment information securely on the site

4. Download App

You will receive an email with a code and directed to download my app and setup your account

5. Add a Program

Once inside the app, choose which program you would like to start, add it to your calendar and start training!

6. Get Results

Get results, track your progress and share your success!


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