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At Bridge City Barbell we are more than a powerlifting club, we are a TEAM.

Story of BCB

Danny Heintz had been training and competing in powerlifting, football, and wrestling through his high school years but committed to powerlifting after high school. Having a few friends in the athletic community curious about Powerlifting, he began developing their programming, group training began in Coach Dean Wall’s garage gym known as the “Shred Shed” and boom, out of our passion for coaching, training, competing and the Powerlifting community came the birth of Bridge City Barbell in 2018.

Fast forward a few months and meets later, Bridge City Barbell had its first National Bench Press Champion, 2 NAPF Champions, 1 NAPF Bench Press Junior & Open Champion, 1 Commonwealth Champion, and Commonwealth silver medalist, with a 6th place finish at the IPF World Bench Press Championships. From there on, a community began to form, Bridge City Barbell. We are more than just another Powerlifting club.


Striving for excellence through fully integrated strategies, data-driven programming, and a highly individualized coaching approach to set you up for success on and off the platform.

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I am Head Coach and Co-Founder of Bridge City Barbell. I have been competing in the sport of Powerlifting for 7 years. Having competed at local, Provincial, National, and International level competitions throughout my competitive career. During this time, I have attained multiple Saskatchewan (SPA) Provincial Records, a Canadian (CPU) National Record, and Multiple North American (NAPF) Records. 

During my time in High school, I played football, track & field, but my love for the sport started in Wrestling. Training with the High school team, as well with the Junior Huskies, I was able to claim 2 City Championships Gold Medals, 3 Provincial Championships Silver Medals, 2 SAWA Provincial Gold Medals, and 1 National Silver medal in Greco-Roman Wrestling. I would like to note that high school wrestling was the first experience I had with coach Wall and the Shred Shed. Not only did he bring a serious intensity to the training but he introduced me to the possibilities of my potential in sport and life.  

Near the end of High-School Daniel was introduced to the sport of Powerlifting. He immediately took to the objective-based style of training, with the sole goal being, get stronger. 

I began coaching in 2017. A few friends were interested in Powerlifting but didn’t have any idea how to start. I committed to taking them on as athletes, and began writing programs, and teaching efficient lifting technique for Powerlifting. Thus, Bridge City Barbell was born. By late 2017, I had 4 athletes, 3 of which have gone on to compete at the North American Powerlifting Championships in San Jose, Costa Rica, Commonwealth Powerlifting Championships in St. John’s NFLD. and the World Bench Press Championships in Tokyo, Japan.

I have been in the pursuit of knowledge in regards to strength training, athlete management, and Powerlifting Performance over the last several years. Many models of training have been utilized over the years, from Linear Periodized training, Daily/Weekly Undulating Periodized training, Block Periodization, Highly Auto-Regulated RPE Based training. Today, all of these models are utilized in conjunction with one another. 

I believe that no single approach is inherently better than the other. These models can and should be used together. Programs are highly individualized to fit the athlete where they are currently at, from the bottom up. As training programs progress, athlete information begins to emerge, which allows for informed decisions to be made in regards to exercise selections, load adjustment, volume adjustment, etc. 

Powerlifting Achievements:

• Saskatchewan Sub-Junior 74KG Squat Record (185KG/407LB)

• Saskatchewan Junior/Open 74KG Squat Record (255.5KG/565LB)

• Saskatchewan Junior/Open 74KG Deadlift Record (265.5KG/585LB)

• North American Junior 74KG Squat Record (255KG/563LB)

• North American Junior 74KG Deadlift Record (265KG/585LB)

• 2014 Canadian National Sub-Junior 74KG Bronze Medalist

• 2014/2015 Junior 74KG Western Canadian Powerlifting Gold Medal Champion

• 2015 Western Canadian Best Overall Junior athlete

• 2018 Canadian National Junior 74KG Bronze Medalist

• 2019 North American Gold Medal Champion

• 2019 Commonwealth Powerlifting Gold Medal Champion

• #1 Ranked Raw Male Powerlifter in Saskatchewan 


• Canadian Powerlifting Union (CPU) Certified Coach

• ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

• ISSA Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach

• JPS Powerlifting Fundamentals

Dean Wall Trainer

Dean Wall - Trainer

I am CEO & Co-founder of Bridge City Strength & Nutrition/Bridge City Barbell. My first coaching experience dates back over 30 years ago as an assistant high school wrestling coach. Over the years I have coached many sports with hockey & wrestling being the primary focus. Note that it was on the wrestling mat that I first had the opportunity coach and mentor Danny Heintz and it was apparent to me early on that there was a tenacious competitor & student in this young man.

Right from the early age of 18 my God-given mission & purpose was clear to me. “Make a difference mind, body & spirit.”. Thus, I have continued to increase my knowledge base, coaching & mentoring through sport and other avenues. Through the years of coaching, I have developed a passion for strength, conditioning, and the nutritional aspects of training. In recent years I have dedicated much time to study from today’s experts in the strength, conditioning, and nutrition realm.

This spawns the birth of Bridge City Barbell, the strength arm of Bridge City Strength & Nutrition. At Bridge City Barbell, we are committed to developing your individual training and programming based on a collaborative process where your personal/evidence-based data drives all aspects of your programming, training, nutrition, weight management, and competition prep’ & handling.

CEO – Bridge City Strength & Nutrition/Bridge City Barbell


ISSA Certified Powerlifting Instructor
ISSA Certified Personal trainer
ISSA Certified Nutritionist Coach


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