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Are you Interested in Competing in Powerlifting, or looking to improve your strength?


Powerlifting is a strength discipline that includes 3 lifts, the Back Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift. In a competition setting, the lifters only get 3 attempts in each discipline. In order for a lift to be deemed “successful”, the lifter must bring each lift to completion, while satisfying the 3 Referees by staying within the rules of competition. The heaviest successful attempts in each lift are added together to create a “Total”. The lifter with the highest total wins. 


Coaching & Programming

Providing Programming on a weekly basis, with weekly check-ins and analysis of training footage and strategy planning for competition.

Nutrition & Weight management

Individualized Nutrition Program, based on goals, gender, sport, and training phase. Providing weekly Check-ins to plan for adjustments.

About Us

Our mission at Bridge City Barbell is striving for excellence through fully integrated strategies, data-driven powerlifting training program, and a highly individualized coaching approach to set you up for success on and off the platform.

We are more than just another Powerlifting club. We are a TEAM. A team dedicated to helping one another build each other up and become the best we can be. Here at Bridge City Barbell, we offer that community and support to help you reach your fullest potential, MIND BODY & SPIRIT.



I am Head Coach and Co-Founder of Bridge City Barbell. I have been competing in the sport of Powerlifting for 7 years. Having competed at local, Provincial, National, and International level competitions throughout my competitive career. During this time, I have attained multiple Saskatchewan (SPA) Provincial Records, a Canadian (CPU) National Record, and Multiple North American (NAPF) Records. 

Dean Wall - Trainer

I am CEO & Co-founder of Bridge City Strength & Nutrition/Bridge City Barbell. My first coaching experience dates back over 30 years ago as an assistant high school wrestling coach. Over the years I have coached many sports with hockey & wrestling being the primary focus. Note that it was on the wrestling mat that I first had the opportunity coach and mentor Danny Heintz and it was apparent to me early on that there was a tenacious competitor & student in this young man.  

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